Dimmable LED Lighting

Why Dimming?

Why Dimming?

FACT: Dimming lights creates ambience in your home...

FACT: Most LED's dim poorly, flickering and not dimming low enough

FACT: moodLED wants all homes to look amazing through thoughtfully designed lighting

FACT: the lights you will find on this site are 'best of breed' for dimming and have test results and evidence to prove it

Read our FREE eBooks...

Read our FREE eBooks...

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  • Downlights

    Modernise the look of your home at the same time as shredding your light bill. All the benefits of LED with the dimming beauty of incandescent. Use your lights to redefine your home.

  • Vintage Bulbs

    Nothing spells style like some beautifully dimmed, warm, Vintage LED Bulbs.

  • Smart Lights

    There were lights... Now there are Smart Lights. It's the 21st Century Your lights can play music, boost WiFi, and double as Security Cameras.

  • Dimmers

    Add a dimmer to your light switch and transform your space with dozens of different moods and ambience.

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