Switch to LED Lighting

                LED Lighting is the future.  Revitalizing your home, your workplace and even your electronics doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.  Gone are the days of antiquated incandescent bulbs and unreliable compact fluorescents, LED lights look better, last longer and cost less to run while providing the same if not greater light output.

                Why should I consider switching to LED lights? This is a common question consumers ask these days and there are many answers. LED or Light Emitting Diodes don’t have a filament like the old incandescent bulbs and are used in most electronic devices today from cell phones to televisions and even alarm clocks.  They are popular due to their low energy consumption and durability.  Big businesses as well as everyday consumers utilize this low energy consumption to decrease greenhouse gasses and lower their electric bills. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs LED lights contain no mercury and are RoHS (Restricted of the use of Hazardous Substances) compliant.  Not only does this make LED lighting cost effective but it also makes them environmentally friendly.  Never before has something as simple as changing a light bulb had such a tremendous impact on the environment as switching to LED lighting has today.
                Consumers should be able to trust in their lighting. If you’ve ever walked into a room and turned on the light and noticed it took a almost a minute before the light was bright enough to see, then you’ve experienced firsthand a common issue with compact fluorescents. LED lights require no warm up time and generate much less heat than other light sources. This also gives LED’s a significant advantage in style.  Fashionable lighting changes the tone and aesthetics of every room.  Due to their enduring nature and low space requirements modern interior designers swear by the use of LED’s.
                With LED lighting you can completely change a room to better suit your needs.  Setting a tone to a room these days is as easy as turning on the right light.  LED lights come in a much broader spectrum of temperature colours.  Simply switching a bulb to a warmer tone for a special dinner or adding some colour to a holiday party can improve the experience of everyone attending. If LED lighting has one inherent flaw it would be simply that many LED light fittings lack the ability to dim, and many LED lights labeled ‘dimmable’ may flicker and dim no less than thirty percent.  MoodLED.com.au specializes and tests all LED models to ensure their lights dim to at least 10 percent with exceptionally low to virtually no amount of flicker.
                 Switch today and reap the benefits of LED lights. Recent studies show that LED lights last nearly six times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and forty times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs. Switching to an LED light will save you half of what a CFL would cost you a year and if you’re using a conventional incandescent light bulb, it would take you ten years of LED bulb use to equal just one year of using that incandescent bulb.  The savings alone are clear; LED lights are the only choice.






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