8 Reasons to have dimmers and dimming Lights in your Home

Dimmers and Dimming lights have transformed the way we use lights in our homes. Practical, environmentally friendly AND great-looking, this ingenious lighting enhancement offers a perfect combination of form and function. Take a look at the many benefits of dimming lights in a home and why simply turning lights on or off just doesn’t cut it anymore. 


1. The lighting level can be adjusted to create the perfect setting

Too much lighting is not always a good thing. Bright lights can sometimes result in an environment that is much too harsh for the occasion. A dimmer light switch with dimming capabilities or a Lighting Control System allows you to adjust the lighting in the room so you can create the perfect setting anytime – dim and cosy for a relaxed mood or romantic interludes, brighter lights for reading, working or other DIY activities.

2. Lights can be kept low when you wake up at night

Studies have shown that going from total darkness to bright lights can cause temporary visual impairment and can burn our retinas over a period of time. With dimmers dimming lights you can put the lights on low when you wake up at night so your eyes can gradually adjust to the lighting. This is especially beneficial for eyes that are highly sensitive to light and for the children when they get up through the night to go to the toilet.

3. Keep just the right amount of light for watching TV

Bright lights do nothing to create the right atmosphere when watching your favourite TV show. On the other hand, watching television in total darkness is bad for the eyes. The solution? Dimming your lights. You can set them so that the room is mostly dark but there is just enough lighting to protect your eyes.

4. Get transported to another world while watching movies in your media room

The right lighting in your media room can create the proper effect and whisk you away to another world when you and your family or guests settle down to watch a movie. Dimmed lighting can actually transport you to that galaxy far, far away when you are watching Star Wars. It would never happen if the room was awash with lights.

5. Highlight different areas of the room for fantastic architectural effect

When used correctly, lighting is the easiest way to highlight different areas of the room for an unexpectedly amazing effect. Setting a few lights on high and the others on low can showcase select architectural features while creating shadows just where you want them. The result can be absolutely stunning.  

6. Watch the energy savings add up

When dimmed down, light fixtures consume less energy. By simply dimming a light, you are not only saving on your energy bill but you are also doing your bit to save the environment. 

7. A soft start and ramp down offers a much more pleasant experience

When you enter a room that is dark and switch on the lights, the sudden brightness can be jarring and unpleasant. The soft start and ramp down capability of dimmers or lighting control systems offer a gentler and more pleasant experience as it allows your body to adjust to the varying light intensity.

8. Add an extra level of security in your home

Lighting plays a crucial role in home security. Programming lighting to mimic normal usage when you are away can be an effective deterrent to intruders on the lookout for unoccupied properties. Dimmed or selectively switched levels of illumination will save energy without compromising on your home security.

It’s easy to see that dimmers and dimming lights are creating innovation in home lighting. If you are still using traditional lighting, you are missing out a long list of benefits. With a wide range of dimmable lights available at www.moodLED.com.au, you are sure to find a lighting solution that matches your requirements.




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