Mood Lighting

The right choice of lighting can open up a whole new world of possibilities.  

Imagine this...

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re planning to propose to your special someone. You’ve pulled out all the stops to create an ultra-romantic ambience. The table is set, complete with a gorgeous floral centrepiece. The music system is programmed to play your special song at a particular time. Scented candles strategically placed fill the room with exotic aromas.

Everything is set for a perfect evening, except for one little detail. Your home has traditional on-off light switches and the big decision facing you now is whether you should keep the lights on or off. Keep them switched off is not an option. However, switch them on and all your carefully created romantic atmosphere goes right out the window in a super bright flash.

Now imagine the same scenario with dimming lights. You can set dimming lights to the absolute exact light intensity so that the atmosphere in the room is just the way you want it – not too bright or too dark. The lighting is just perfect and ties things up beautifully.

It’s true – nothing sets the mood the way lighting does and on special occasions like this, the right mood lighting can make all the difference!

Why Lighting Is Such An Important Element In Mood Settings

We may not be aware of it at all times but lighting exerts a subtle yet powerful influence on the way we feel at that moment. This is because our moods are highly sensitive to any changes in light intensity. A room that is brightly lit exudes energy, activity and a state of alertness but as the light intensity is lowered, the environment becomes increasingly softer, more relaxed and more comfortable, forming the perfect backdrop for romance and intimacy.

Setting the Perfect Mood In Every Room

Dimmer switches or a lighting control system allow you to set the perfect mood in any room in your home. While you may want to keep the lights on high to match the high energy levels in the room on family game nights, a middle setting may set a better mood when you are hosting a cocktail party and lower setting may be more appropriate when it’s just the two of you settling down to enjoy an after-dinner drink.

Dimming lights can turn your bedroom into a cosy, romantic haven at the end of the day and can brighten it up sufficiently in the mornings so you can get ready for the day ahead. These little devices are one of the most inexpensive ways of transforming a space and setting the mood. Moreover they come in a wide array of styles and options to match any interior decor so you never have to compromise. Check out the fabulous collection of dimming lights at and you’ll never go back to using boring ‘on’ ‘off’ piano switches again.


Mood Lighting


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