Dimmable LED Bulbs

LED bulbs that can be used to quickly replace older incandescent or CFL globes.  Been waiting to upgrade some bulbs because they are on a dimmer?  No need to wait any longer.

Or you can add a dimmer to an existing circuit when you update to these dimmable LED bulbs.

Also in this collection you will find the new breed of smart bulbs.  By connecting to your smartphone, they can change colour, play your music, boost your wifi signal, and be a security cam to keep your home secure.

Tell me again why I need dimming and can’t just live with boring old On/Off?

Well you need not even ask the question if you’ve ever tried to set up a bedroom or dining room for that perfect date or indefectible dinner party.  Apart from picking your gym socks up off the floor and spraying some Glen 20, you turn the lights on – too bright.  Turn them off and light a candle, better but just too dark. Solution – dim the lights to the perfect level.

You love your brand new 65” Ultra 4K Super Pixel Overhead Cam 4D TV, but watching with the light on doesn’t look as good as it should.  Turn the light out and the picture pops but you can’t find the remote. Solution - dim your lights to a nice low level and sit back for a night of Netflix.

And then there’s the first world problem of getting up in the middle of the night.  Turn on the light - flash blindness has you floundering to protect your eyes then falling over; leave the light off - find the toilet by a combination of sonar and radar, neither of which work out that well in most cases.

Dim your bathroom lights and you’ve solved the problem.  Your retinas will be safe and if your male, you won’t have to hope your aiming at the bowl instead of the basin.