Smart Light Bulbs

This is where we showcase lights that are smarter than the average bear.  These products can change colour, or dim from your iPhone, or connect via bluetooth for a bevy of features not seen before in an individual light, and you had no idea how much you wanted. Smart Light Bulb.

The first thing you want from a light is for it to turn on and light up your room – Check

It would be great if you could control it from your phone- Check

Next it would be nice if you could dim the light down – Check

I’d love to be able to group some lights together to operate them together – Check

Really?  What else then?

How about my light also boosting my Wi-Fi signal? – Check

Can I push music to it from my phone and make it a speaker? – Check

Can it be a CCTV camera? – Check.


Sengled Pulse is also a light bulb that turns on and off and can be dimmed from your smartphone. However, this bulb will also play your tunes, all around the house.  Walk into a room and turn on the light, then push your Spotify playlist to your light bulb.  “Gimmicky and they'll probably sound terrible” I hear you scoff. Ever heard of a little brand name ‘JBL’?  Both models of Pulse bulb are loaded with JBL speakers, so sound quality is awesome, particularly for a smart light bulb. 

Sengled Scan is… you guessed it, a light bulb you can turn on, off, and dim from your smartphone.  This models special power is vision.  Log in from anywhere in the world and see your home from your light bulbs in glorious HD.  You can also have a 2 way conversation through a mic and speakers on the bulb.  I know, the ideas and inspiration for pranking your family or roomies are endless.

Sengled Boost is a light bulb that you can turn on an off and dim from your smartphone, but it also boosts your Wi-Fi.  Put one of these in each room and you will have strong, robust, and 5 bar wifi everywhere in your home.