C-Bus and Dynalite Light Fittings

The best LED lights for C-Bus and Dynalite

Tired of your LED lights flickering, shimmering, and not dimming low enough?

It's disappointing when brand name LED lights, even expensive ones, are installed on C-Bus or Dynalite dimmers and drastically under perform.  It's almost the only negative to LED lighting; a tick on the 'dimmable' box on the packaging of the light means almost nothing.  It's not that they are lying, but that 'dimmable' isn't really a binary (yes/no) state.  Some lights dim brilliantly on lighting control systems such as C-Bus and Dynalite, but the vast majority don't.  



moodLED is dedicated to hunting down the light fittings the dim flawlessly, and offer them to you at competitive pricing.  Our testing procedure is vigorous and non-compromising, and is done in 2 stages.  Stage 1 is on our test bench.  This bench has a C-Bus Leading Edge and Universal dimmer, as well as some Clipsal and Diginet rotary dimmers.  This phase quickly eliminates the lights that are not optimised for dimming.  For the few that pass this test, we document the results and go to stage 2. 

Stage 2 is where the fitting is installed in the home of our owners or a small network of partners who have C-Bus in their homes.  Sometimes problems are not visible until after a few hours of operation, or at certain times of day, or in certain environments.  Therefore Stage 2 testing requires careful monitoring of these lights in a home for at least 2 weeks, with active programming and scenes that run them through a diverse range of switching and dimming.  Further samples are weeded out in this process and the few that get through are added to our small portfolio.  This way we can ensure an LED light purchased from moodLED will perform above expectations on your C-Bus, Dynalite, or rotary dimming lighting system.

What we offer:

      All lights tested extensively on our test bench first, then in the home of one of our testers on C-Bus/Dynalite systems

      If products make it past our 2nd level of testing, they are added to our store

      Guides on how to get the most from your lighting control system


What we look for in a light fitting and what we can assure you will get with all of our products 

      100% no flickering

      100% no shimmering

      Dim smoothly to at least 10%, with most products to 3%

      Most products need only 1 single fitting on a circuit

      Extremely good value - No middle man

      Meet all Australian certifications